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Barry Hecht

Below is from an email from one of our clients to the veterinarian who referred them to our practice:

It takes a Pro to say they can’t do something and you did just that and strongly recommended that I take Belle to the Center for Veterinary Dentistry and Oral Surgery in Gaithersburg, which I immediately did. The next day Belle had all of her top teeth removed with the exception of a few in the very front. She had a rough week recuperating for sure, but as of Monday the 27th of August I can say Belle is back and better than she has been in awhile.

My lesson here is that the oral health of animals is just as important as any other aspect of their care and perhaps the most difficult to maintain. It is my belief that had I started when I first got Belle by getting in her mouth in a gentle fashion and made her teeth brushing part of daily life, I could have been successful in doing so. At the end of the day, if my dog had cancer or a heart problem or other medical reasons and she was suffering, I could see putting her down at her age, but to lose a life over some rotten teeth was not going to happen. My dog is old, she is now happy and eats well – so what else is there if you’re a 19 year old dog? Thanks for the referral and for being instrumental in my dog Belle’s well being.

By the way and as you know, the CVDOS team are just terrific at what they do to include dealing with pet owners who are nervous. Belle’s care was tremendous and her after care including more than several calls and follow ups to adjust meds and eating suggestions really were reassuring and incredibly helpful. I hope that you and all Dr’s in your profession make dental care a huge part of the dialog with pet owners, and I hope those owners listen.