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Surgical extraction of diseased teeth

periodontalPeriodontal disease is extremely common in dogs and cats. Over 80% of dogs and cats over two years of age have some degree of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is best prevented by yearly professional dental cleanings starting at two years of age and at home brushing at least three times weekly. Brushing should begin at a very early age to allow your new pet to get used to regular brushing. In severe cases of infection or periodontal disease, the teeth may need to be surgically extracted. Extractions should always involve x-rays of the tooth first, as many teeth have multiple roots or may be diseased below where the eye can see. Extracting larger teeth in animals requires oral surgery, equivalent to removing wisdom teeth in people. It is vital that all of the tooth and roots be removed for the periodontal infection to resolve. In cases of important teeth with mild to moderate periodontal disease, multiple periodontal treatments can be offered to help save these teeth.