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What Not to Chew...
What are Appropriate Chews for my Pet?
Pets have a natural desire to chew and chewing can help reduce plaque and tartar on the teeth. However, not all the items you find in your pet store are appropriate for your pet to chew. One of the most common causes of tooth fracture is chewing something too hard, such as real animal bones, hard plastic bones, cow hooves, or deer antlers. The things your pet chews should have some “give” and should not be harder than the teeth. Things like rawhide or durable rubber toys are tooth friendly and still provide the benefits of tartar prevention and entertainment. For more information on tooth friendly chews and treats please visit the Veterinary Oral Health Council website at www.vohc.org

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How to brush your cat's teeth. (Yes you can!)

How Do I Brush My Dog’s Teeth?
To be most effective teeth brushing should be performed at least three times weekly. Be sure to use only toothpaste that is designed for animals. Human products contain fluoride which should not be swallowed. Toothbrush kits are available that have soft bristled tooth brushes or finger brushes and enzymatic toothpaste. Alternatively you can use a pediatric sized soft bristled toothbrush. The process should last approximately a minute and is similar to brushing your own teeth. The back teeth are often hardest to reach but also are the most prone to tartar buildup. Brushing the insides of the teeth may not be as essential as the tongue works to keep tartar buildup down and some pets may not be amenable to the toothbrush in this area. Please watch this video for more instruction on brushing your dog’s teeth.


We are excited to have the opportunity to help your special pet.

Dental care is finally being recognized for its importance to overall health.

We provide a broad range of services to maintain your pet’s oral health from periodontal and root canal therapy to specialized treatments for trauma, tumors, oral inflammation, and pain.

Based on our specialty training in surgery, we also offer the latest techniques and state-of-the-art equipment for your pet’s treatment needs beyond the mouth including maxillofacial, head and neck, and ear, nose, and throat surgery.

We will ‘team up’ with your regular veterinarian to make the process as smooth as possible, always considering your pet’s comfort and well-being our utmost priority.

Please visit our other sections for more detailed information about our facility and the services that we provide.




  • Dear Drs.,

    Hello I just wanted to again say thank you for all of your superior care for my animal.  Bandit made a very speedy recovery last night, he had his dinner and slept like a log. I awoke to my same old buddy like nothing happened.  We could not be more pleased with the outcome and your attention to detail was very impressive.  It is quite a ways to come from DC but was well worth it. I can already tell Bandit is feeling better because he is chewing normally again. I would recommend your services to anyone. Have a great day.

    Brad and Melissa S.
  • Dear Dr. Taney, Dr. Smith and staff

    I appreciate everything you have done for both of my French Bulldogs, Monty and Maggie.  I had a great deal of worry with these types of procedures because of the unique complications that Frenchies can have.  I'm very happy with the outcome and your professional, caring attention to detail. I know that  the quality of my dog's lives will be great enhanced and extended by these very important services. I'll be recommending you to all my Frenchie friends for sure!

    Dr. Daniel Kraus
  • Dear Drs.,

    I'm sure you'll remember that we were reluctant to have a procedure done on our "senior citizen' boxer; BUT we are so glad we went ahead with the surgery. Travis is like a new dog! He has a lot more pep in his step, he doesn't smell so horrible and we can actually see his teeth! Thanks for doing such a great job. He is finished all his medication now and back to eating his regular food. We are very pleased with the results and would highly recommend your services.

    Maureen S.
  • Dear Drs.,

    We wanted to write and say thank you for the surgery you performed on Boomer's tonsillar tumor and to update you on Boomer. Being a lymphoma that was undetected anywhere else in his body, we decided to pursue chemotherapy, and Boomer had responded wonderfully and is currently in remission. His surgery is healing nicely and he is tolerating the drugs just fine. Thank you both for jumping in on a moment's notice to do his surgery. Whatever amount of additional time Boomer gets to be healthy and happy is a blessing.

    Amanda H.
  • Dear Drs.,

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work, caring and compassion with Aleko and putting on her stainless steel cap. Your promptness of fitting her into the schedule was super convenient and made things a lot easier for me. Aleko is doing well and tugging like crazy. Her bling was well done. Thank you again! I appreciate all of your efforts.

    Christine B

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